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About Drea

Andrea is a creative spirit who loves making connections. She has a passion for bringing out the best out of people, and she wants to inspire visionaries across the world. People have more similarities than differences, and Andrea is interested in highlighting the bonds that make us stronger. She thrives on deep communication, journaling and creating.

Andrea expresses her artistry through visual art, writing, music, and jewelry. She strives to enlighten others through visual, audible, and energetic communication. Check out her business, Enlightened Dreamz, where she hosts meditative hikes and carries out her purpose on another level! 

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Andrea finds it difficult to categorize herself. Yes, she’s an artist, but she’s so much more than that. She loves to sing, speak, write, make beats, dance, talk to people, paint cool pictures, imagine and visualize, plus so much more. Andrea used to struggle when people criticized her for being “a jack of all trades.” BUT… she realized that expressing through multiple creative avenues is a blessing, so she decided to own her spontaneity and empower her genius. She has learned not to place a lid on her potential, and she inspires others to do the same. 



I’d love to connect with you! Feel free to ask commissions, upcoming events, or other opportunities to work with me. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!